Welcome to our evolving site on the aspects of the history of (teacher & school) education in Canberra.

Rather than focus on the entire century we have decided to direct our attention to two key themes & periods that set the ACT apart: The formation and early years of the school of teacher education, and the formation of the ACT School Authority.  We have also aimed to deploy history with the explicit intent of learning from the past rather than recording it – an approach we call ‘History for Education’.

We have taken this approach as there has already been work done on the general history of ACT education by the Australian National Museum of Education (hosted by UC) and excellent resources in school museums include the Hall School Museum (including their recent book on early schools) and the Tuggeranong Schoolhouse Museum. However there is surprisingly little work on the formation of the ACT system, its unique approach to curriculum, and the development of Canberra College of Education – Faculty of Education.

This site is very much a work in progress.  In many ways this project has uncovered issues and raised questions more than answer them.  As such we aim to lay the groundwork for ongoing research and scholarship.  As part of this work we have embarked on an oral history project and are busy interviewing important figures form the period under investigation.  As part of this we would welcome your stories of this period – just head to this comments page and submit your recollections.

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