Oral Histories

On this page we have collected a few excerpts from the oral history interviews conducted to date.  Not all the interviews are represented here due to requests for confidentiality and the production time line.  Full interviews with these, and more, people involved will be held with the Australian National Museum of Education.   More interviews are scheduled for the coming months.

A special thanks to the Australian College of Educators (ACE) and their own oral history project.   ACE has complemented our work by generously providing access to historical interviews by Tony Ryan with Philip Hughes, Hedley Beare and Peter Karmel.  The rest are excerpts from a selection of our interviews to date.  

Click on each photo to hear these stories.

Philip Hughes
Hedley Beare
Peter Karmel
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Helen Strauch
Barbara Chambers
John Grant
John Grant
Geoff Sherington
Geoff Sherington
no pic
Margaret Clark
no pic
Barry Price
Geoffrey Burkhardt
Fran Hinton